Fractal Clothing..
ReInventing What We Wear based on The FRACTAL Science of LIFE FORCE.

Fractal Field Technologies

from Dan Winter with Valerie Sandelin

Prepared initially privately for Blue Eagle- pending our plan to commercialize.

in the series: Fractal Life Force -Measure

and particularly our newest physics- Scientific Proof- FRACTAL ORIGIN OF COLOR -

Wear LIVING Clothes! and FEEL More ALive!

- Science now knows what create LIFE FORCE. The essential principle is that electric fields which are FRACTAL allow the charge of biology to COMPRESS PERFECTLY - and therefore to DISTRIBUTE PERFECTLY. It is now clear that the blissful feeling you get when you enter an ancient sacred cathedral, or a an ancient circle of sacred trees or sacred stone dolmen - is precisely due to the ABILITY FOR LIFE's electric field - to BREATHE and BE DISTRIBUTED - CAUSED BY FRACTALITY. You can read about how fractal fields affect seed germination at

Don't let scientific words like fractality throw you here. To know what a fractal is, just visualize a rose or an onion or a fern. Notice that you can zoom in toward the center in your visualization - even infinitely zoom in - and ALWAYS continue seeing the same pattern- over and over - inside itself - inside itself. In physics this is proven to mean that fractals solve the problem of infinite constructive compression. This is specifically - the solution to the HOLY GRAIL of physics - gravity is CAUSED by fractality ( AND it it the solution to the HOLY GRAIL of religion. ( ). This FRACTAL pattern based on the grail happens in your DNA when you feel the tingle of bliss.

SO - if you want to feel this life sustaining tingle of bliss, peak perception, peak experience - it is important to place yourself inside FRACTALITY! This is where the profound communion of waves happen which fuse into DNA's magical heart, and connect you to that whispering song in the blood - which tunes you in to the radio station of everything alive in the UNIVERSE!

One way to choose the sacred and FRACTAL electric environment - concerns re-inventing architecture - we call that BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE - for that please see the new book and film at

A SECOND way to put yourself in the spiritual and sacred fractality is... YOUR CLOTHING. In order to understand REINVENTING CLOTHING DESIGN - based on REAL life force.. lets take a very short look at the science.

You all know how you feel like 'merd' (french for..) when you are in plastic clothes in a metal building with charge depleted air? Then you step into a biologic clothes, into a biologic home in the woods, with great fractal air and biologic materials - you feel GREAT!!! We NEED to understand the principle. WELL - someone needs to teach the physics of life - so we can invent environment - where LIFE breathes its own charge efficiently!


One of our favorites professors who discovered a key to this story is Professor Phil Callahan. (Particularly see how his work inspired the Scienc of Peace / Peace University Project: ). Stationed on the UK coast during the war, he noticed the people living in the straw and clay ancient homes near the sea - were invariably suriving to over 100 years old. He began doing electrical tests ... to see WHY! To make a long story very short- the REASON those structures keep everything ALIVE - ALIVE- is they are a FRACTAL CAPACITOR. In electrical terms - it means they are a phase conjugate dielectric. This means they create CONSTRUCTIVE or FRACTAL electrical wave interference in the center - and all the DNA inside goes....... Ahhhhhhhhhh..(feel good..). Where the slight but important CHARGE field of biology can BREATHE and distribute efficiently (inside a FRACTAL) there you get HEALTH and BLISS!!

The physics is explained in heart research for example. The heartbeat that is FRACTAL measureably resists virtually ALL CHRONIC DISEASE ( , ). The way this electrical FRACTALITY that predicts the survival sustainability of ALL LIVING THINGS - is measured is called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS. You know how you measure your voice harmonics, and the MISSING ones tell you which disease is present. If the harmonics are ALL there (inclusively) - then you are healthy. Well - essentially- the same is true of EVERY LIVING THING. Harmonic inclusiveness (how many DIFFERENT frequencies can live together) is the same as fractality - perfected compression - just like genetic diversity as the same as DNA's collective survival wisdom.

SO - in order to wear FRACTAL life giving clothing - our goal is to make the waves of charge from the MATERIAL, the COLOR, the SHAPE.. all create this (inside - where YOU are!):

In summary- principle behind life force in clothing is nicely summarized by fractality.. and phase conjugation.

SO - how do we practically apply that.

1. MATERIAL: The material which was most phase conjugate, and fractal - which the good Professor found was unbleached hemp. We now know a lot more about the physics of that material. First - we start with VERY VITAL DNA - fibres- which have experienced millenia of GENETIC DIVERSITY- AND VERY LITTLE MONOCULTURE. VITAL DNA in the biologic fibres are the perfect beginning to phase conjugate and fractal healing environment. (Notice for example- how hemp and ancient cottons fibres ALLOWED fractal negative ion wind therapy to reduce infection / inflammation and heal- ). The reason that genetic diversity in the recent history of the fibre produces efficient charge radiance electrically and therefore life and growth force - is the way recursive braiding re-CORDS in the DNA the fractal geometry of environment. This becomes a survival library in DNA's piezoelectric braid fractality to environment. (lots of good reading on the , )

2. How the MATERIAL is treated. The good professor noticed that the Hemp straw buildings which most produced life extension were the ones near the sea. We now understand the physics. By alternating a mist soaking in trace mineral which included a live enzyme sea spray- then with a bake in REAL sunlight - nature acheived a FABULOUS BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR. We impregnate the fibres with the rich trace mineral recipe nature used to make live ocean AND live BLOOD! This mineral effects the dielectric quality - which turn them into an even BETTER biologic (+phase conjugate) capacitor!

3. The SHAPE of the material. Good living capacitors (like pine cones, onions, roses) - avoid sharp corners, the curvature is 'recursive', they avoid metals and non biologic materials. Knowing the physics of spiritual grace is recursive curvature - we can SHAPE your clothing based on the physics of life itself.

4. How the material is COLORED: We are VERY excited to offer a radically new and powerful physics to understand HOW color combination PRODUCES FRACTALITY and FUSION and HEALING. In essence- we have NEW dramatic evidence that COLOR is the 3D tilt of the photon as torus donut - AND that the WAY color is perceived is PRECISELY due to Golden Ratio FRACTALITY! Please do read the NEWEST physics of FRACTAL ORIGINS OF COLOR: . (note here Frank our collaborating scientist - at that link - on physics of color is preparing another article on the application of 3D color physics to healthy clothing).

How do we apply this to the COLOR of your clothes? Our new accurate 3D model of colors ORIGIN now allows us to know EXACTLY what color frequencies create which tilt or phase angles of the photon torus (donut). Notice in the above animations- that by getting the PHASE ANGLE (which IS color) or tilt of the field- we produce the FUSION (grail) at the core. This fusion effect is precisely the FRACTALITY of healing color. By choosing color frequency RATIOS with fusion accuracy - we REDEFINE beauty AND healing with COLOR! The implications for this new physics of color are just beginning to be explored. (Phase conjugate optics - here we come!!)

5. And what PATTERN do we use - to install the colors on your clothes???

FRACTALITY OF COURSE!! .. below - we have just begun to play with that!

Here are some examples (note phi based pure implosion inside of fractality)..

I just wonder what would happen if we tried tiling some of the sacred geometry graphics I have done....? (below)